Coffee shop owners, you don't ever have to print stamp cards again.

Dishoholic puts the good old stamp-based loyalty card on your customer's phone.

Cafe owners get all the business benefits that technology has to offer, at an affordable price.

Dishoholic is made for independent coffee shops, keeping both the customer and the business in mind.

High adoption rate from customers

We send you eye-catching and ready-to-print designs for table top standees, and posters that you can use to market your loyalty program. Our partner cafes have seen high adoption rates, as high as 30% of their overall customer base.

Loyalty metrics at your fingertips

See data on how many customers are getting stamps, how many free items have been given out, or who your most regular customers are.

Control your loyalty program 

You decide on how many stamps for a free coffee. You want to add other food items to your loyalty program? You can do that too. You want to use your current POS tablet or phone to give out stamps? The Dishoholic stamping app for owners works on any device.


Go live in 48 hours

Sign up -> We'll contact you and help you set up -> Your coffee shop starts appearing on the Dishoholic app in your city within 48 hours.


Cafe owners love Dishoholic 

"Our regulars love us for giving them something extra. We love that we can see our loyalty stats grow."  
- Nilka, Owner of Cardero Cafe, Vancouver BC.

25% of all coffees sold at Cardero Cafe get stamps on Dishoholic, with a stamps growth rate of 1.5x month over month.



We bill a fixed monthly subscription price that is affordable to you. Many of our partners tell us that our price is similar or less than it would cost them to organize and print those environmentally unfriendly, paper-based stamp cards.

What's even better is that we charge your credit card for the month only if you have more than 5 customers getting stamps from you, in that month. This gives you enough time to start promoting your loyalty program, and stops charging you if no one is using your loyalty program.